Renaissance Concepts

Who are we?

Respectful of tradition, Renaissance Concepts and Patrick Lorne will help you design ambiances for your home full of the charm of the past while respecting the purest French architectural tradition.

Whether it is a simple country house, a luxurious city apartment or a prestigious estate, Renaissance Concepts will provide you with all the necessary antique historic materials as well as essential design and construction assistance. of your home as you would never have thought it could be finalized!

Intuition and imagination, backed by a solid practice in France and internationally, have long shaped the spirit of Renaissance Concepts combining pragmatism, respect for architecture and the pleasure of beauty and doing well.

Our only goal: “Authenticity for Philosophy”

Using concrete, graphic and photographic supports, supported by explanations and simple discussions, Renaissance Concepts, in an objective and realistic dialogue, will guide you in the development of your project.

Conception et Design

  • Feasibility study of any restoration, transformation or beautification of your apartment, your property.
  • Supply from stock of noble products all resulting from the safeguarding of French historical heritage.
  • Production and implementation services by teams of Compagnons du Devoir with ancestral know-how.

The Excellence of old materials

With forty years of experience, Patrick Lorne easily combines stone, terracotta, wood and iron.

All designed during the second millennium, the ancient materials offered by Renaissance Concepts all come from old French heritage properties. Free of all rights, they have been classified, carefully cleaned and are ready to be put back on stage.


Renaissance Concepts offers you Burgundy tiles, Anjou, Touraine or Provence tiles, floors, precious parquet floors, woodwork, stone or wood fireplaces, or even interior and exterior decorative elements. All these absolutely authentic elements will dress your homes with elegance and distinction.


With pleasure and humor, Patrick Lorne will help you discover treasures that all your friends will envy.

Patrick speaks as follows:

“… My life led by a constantly alert mind, the chance of chance and major encounters and the practice of the unique have led me to consider that only one passion drives me: Authenticity!

While I could let go, I am overflowing with this energy offering freshness and desire.

The prerogative of my age and the experience-laden look that I have on things gives me enough perspective for my mind to overflow with projects.

... The ideal trilogy for the design of a successful place lies, in my opinion, in the interaction between the soul of this place, the sensitivity of its owner and my fair understanding of their relationship. From this moment, the staging only resides in the form to convey the understood message. Adaptability to the means available is no longer just a question of sensitivity...

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