Renaissance Concepts

Old tiles


Dismantled on the banks of the Loire, in Burgundy, Normandy or Provence, Renaissance Concepts tiles paved the floors of bourgeois residences, presbyteries, manor houses or quality farms.

All date from the 17th, 18th or 19th century.

Square or hexagonal, sometimes octagonal, the quality of the land used and the ancestral know-how brought to their manufacture gives them the magnificent patina with which they are adorned.

Patina and luster

For the elegance of your floors, we have carried out a careful dismantling. Our tiles were sorted one by one. We have calibrated them to the nearest centimeter to ensure a fit as close as possible to tradition.

The most common size is 16cm x 16cm.

Two main color ranges are organized:

A mix of light shades: pink, salmon, beige, burnt bread... and a mix of red shades: orange, brick, blood red to brown.



If necessary, we can offer you our help in carrying out the installation “layouts”.

“Layout” is the arrangement of tiles on the floor.

Well organized, it will favorably harmonize the proportions of your rooms and optimize the atmosphere of your living space according to the constraints of the volumes to be covered.

We will give you our traditional installation advice to guarantee you against any possible installation errors. Please note that traditional installation is preferable for this type of product.

The advantages of Renaissance Concepts

Our team of installers from Compagnonnage is at your disposal for professional installation and optimal execution.

Our tilers know from experience how to resolve all the pitfalls of a sometimes complicated installation.

We will also be able to carry out the final treatment after installation. A special finish is necessary to ensure perfect protection of the floor and simple and easy subsequent maintenance.

Need informations ?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information you may require. We will be happy to study all your particularities. We can arrange transport and storage for you.