Renaissance Concepts

Floor, Versailles parquet, woodwork

18th century floor - Troyes in Champagne

Floors, Versailles parquet, woodwork

Tradition ancestrale

Renaissance Concepts floors and parquets come from Eastern France.

A region producing oak par excellence, this species adorned the floors of wealthy homes
like those of more humble houses.

The reasonable cost of wood and its easier processing than stone made it popular for centuries.

Old floors

Renaissance Concepts' old oak floors come in strips with widths varying from 15cm to 25cm. The lengths range from 1.50m to 3m, sometimes more. The thickness is reduced to a constant 20mm.

Unnailed, brushed, smoothed underneath, the blades dried in the dryer are ready to be put back.

A finishing patina is to be expected after installation.

Old-fashioned floors

Faced with the significant demand for historic oak floors and the scarcity of authentic sources, we have added to our range a production of wood worked in the old way and presenting the appearance and patinas of yesteryear.
Guaranteed of the best quality, these are a superb variant offering the same criteria both for their appearance and their dimensions for a more moderate budget than old wood.

His Majesty "Versailles"

Renaissance Concepts had the distinct honor of installing these alternating panels of the Château de Chantilly model in the prestigious lounges of Weddesdon Manor, stronghold of the Rothschild dynasty in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

Versailles , Chantilly , Marisy , Fontainebleau , Ancy le Franc and many other models of prestigious Châteaux de France are manufactured in the workshop using traditional methods.

Centuries-old reclaimed wood, dried, cleaned, dry brushed,
is ideal for building these true works of art.

The installation of our panels, delivered ready to be installed, pre-weathered or not,
requires a complete and serious preliminary study.

From the 15th century, quality houses commanded
increasingly luxurious wood decors to the flooring workshops.

In the 16th century, people got into the habit of dressing floors,
walls and ceilings of assembled wood panels of all shapes, of all species.

André-Jacob Roubo, in the 18th century, took place on the illustrious soils of France the famous Parquet of Versailles.

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Private residence - London, UK

Private castle - Munich, Germany

Fashion Shop - Paris

Private apartment - Paris

Private castle - Munich, Germany

Wall woodwork

Hotel "Le MELEZIN" - Courchevel 1850, France

Adorning a wooden wall is dressing a woman in her most beautiful dress...

Also used to decorate walls with decorative woodwork or to provide solid frames,

oak has always made it possible to combine the pleasure of a constantly renewed decor
to insulating homes against the cold.

Living in a setting

Apart from the heat diffused, there is the softness of the patinas,

the smell of wax, the distilled quietude.

Whether it is picture rails halfway up the walls or cladding up to a cornice under the ceiling diffusing soft light, whether the woodwork is painted in pastels or offers the rawest oak, there is nothing warmer than 'a room dressed in wood.

Perpetuating the Age of Enlightenment

Old elements restored and recomposed to the dimensions of your room, or custom-made complements, the woodwork is ordered according to the specificities of each house.

Our workshops will shape to your taste, to your wishes,

custom-made woodwork that will fit you like a glove.

Natural woodwork

New York Apartment - Central Park, USA

Off-plan woodwork


Private residence - London, UK

Rare species, precious woods, floors of Russian imperial residences,

Renaissance Concepts will create ballrooms for you where the splendor of the tsars will resonate with its ancient lights.

Our close collaboration with exceptional parquet floorers will amaze your prestigious surfaces.

Stormont Castle, Parliament Building, Belfast - Ireland

Private residence - London, UK