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Old Burgundy paving

A floor steeped in history

Reserved in the past for mansions, castles and churches, stone adorns the ground with grandeur.

With a patina full of nobility, this is the most prestigious soil that our ancestors have left us.

If charm characterizes an old tile floor, we can undoubtedly speak of majesty for these paving stones with an incomparable patina.

Burgundy paving

Since the beginning of the second millennium, almost all of Eastern France has been paved with stone.

Originating more particularly from Burgundy, the south of Champagne or Lorraine, the paving stones that we offer covered the floors of the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

More physically marked than terracotta floors, Burgundy paving stones are engraved with the memory of the homes where they were installed.

In the past, these easy-to-maintain floors ensured the health of often damp homes.

Nobility... Greatness...

These adjectives seem to us to best reflect the prestige of Dallage de Bourgogne; Elegance, sobriety, nobility, grandeur, brightness, comfort…

More than ten generations of iron-studded shoes have worn and patinated their surfaces. The luster thus obtained over two to three centuries of use remains impossible to copy.

For easier installation, their original thickness has been reduced to 5cm. This thickness is ideal for all types of underfloor heating, whether electric or water via soffit hoppers.

Burgundy slab in wall covering Renaissance Concepts

Private residence in Sologne, France

Cathedral floors

The old paving stones of Burgundy offer many advantages in many respects:

Made from a very dense limestone, they do not stain.

Maintaining them by simply washing regularly is as simple as possible. No treatment product is necessary to protect them. Their extreme density and natural patina are sufficient for their optimal conservation.

The advantages of Renaissance Concepts

As well as for old tiles, the Renaissance Concepts teams are able to provide you with a perfect installation service. This knowing that a traditional “roman opus layout” is not an easy task.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information you may require. We will be happy to study all your particularities. We can arrange transport and storage for you.

Octagon paving with slate cabochons